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Music horn YH500A from Minsound

Music horn YH500A from Minsound

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2018/08/12 11:44
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Minsound YH500A music horn speaker uses ABS material and are specillay manufactured for the extreme weather condition, they are waterproof and can be suitable for outdoor installations.They each have a 70/100V transformer with variable power adaption in.
This high quality horn speaker system for outdoor is designed to provide the highest quality voice and music reproduction for both indoor and outdoor applications where long throw, large area coverage is desired in harsh environments. Ideal for applications such as sports stadiums, cruise liners, school yards, swimming pools, high ambient industrial areas, leisure and theme parks.
6.5” high powered speaker
13.0 oz ferrite magnet
1” Aluminum Former voice coil
Highly cellulose composite paper with foam surrounds
1” Ferro fluid driver
High heat ABS plastic
Mounting bracket included
Excellent speech and music reproduction
Two-way system
Attractive ABS cover
Provisions for internal mounting of the optional line/loudspeaker supervision board
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