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Why louspeaker easy to break?

Why louspeaker easy to break?

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2018/08/12 11:49
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Loudspeaker’s break problem often annoy people, we often thought it was because we choose the max sound the the amplifier can give. Actually many factors may cause this problem. Today we Minsound will introduce a few ordinary conditions to this. Hope what we offer could help to reduce the frequency of breaking  .
1.Don’t overpower, don’t blindly pursuing big volume. We should judge it by the whole power of both amplifier and speakers. Obviously too big volume can damage the speaker, but it is easy to overpower use the amplifier for big sound. In this way the output of amplifier is not the ordinary sine wave, instead it sends out many noise signal so that the speaker is easy to damage.
2.The system should not have self-excitation. When self-excitation appears, voice coil will be easy to burn out.And some self-excitation cannot be heard by our ears.
3.Horn loudspeaker often installed in a high place, it will be better for us to choose Constant pressure transmission.Choose the right way of out put is important too. It will help to reduce the break.
4.The whole power of amplifier should be equal or a little over the whole power of speakers which means if the whole power of amplifier lower than the speaker power, definitely it will increase the break of coil.The above is a few reasons we Minsound give out for the speaker’s break, hope what we give can help you to maintainspeakers. We suggest to use horn speaker correctly and maintain it often to ensure its life and use safely.
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