Loudspeakers propaganda-North Korea and South Korea


On Aug.4,2015, patrols of South Korea Military suffered 2 explosions on south side of Demarcation Line between South Korea

and Noth Korea and 2 solders were badly hurt. Military party of South Korea thought that it was because of North Korea's

cross-border Lay mines that lead to the serious injury of the 2 solders in the demilitarized zone. Then in Aug.10, South

Korea back against North Korea with loudspeakers propaganda in the demilitarized zone.

Tt is reported that this conflict was caused by the loudspeaker propaganda and Slogan balloons by South Korea. North Korea

hated what South Korea did to them and don't went to suffer this any more. They deleared that if South Korea don't stop

this, they will revenge. But for this event happened in South Korea, North Korea has rejected this was cause by them.

Pyongyang asked South Korea to stop broadcasting within 48 hours, otherwise will implement "a strong military action".

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