Can you understand the signal of air raid siren?


From time to time we can hear the sound signal of air raid siren in our daily life, but can you really understand the meaning of these sounds?

They have many types, different signal has different lasting time and stand for different meanings. Can you really understand that?

Now we Minsound want share 3 types of these sirens,

Ad wrng:Ringing 36 seconds, stop within 24 seconds, repeated 3 times as a cycle, and the time lasting 3 minutes. Citizens should immediately stop all "work", stop the power supply switch in home, close gas, put out the fire, shut the doors and windows, carry valid documents with daily necessities and protective equipment, then quickly evacuated to nearby underground civil air defense shelter, civil air defense engineering, shelter and so on.

Air raid alarm: Ringing for 6 seconds, stop for 6 seconds, repeated 15 times as a cycle, the time lasting for 3 minutes. If unable to enter into the underground civil air defense shelter, civil air defense engineering or shelter, citizens should hide themselves, lie on the ground with handsprotect the head.

All clear: Continuous ringing with a long sound, time lasting for 3 minutes. People can get out of the underground civil air defense shelter and the civil air defense engineering, return back to normal "work".

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