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F:Purchase Process
Q:You may send the facsimile to us,We prefer that our customers use our quick and easy online ordering system. However, if you would like an alternative method to ordering online we offer the following:
Order by phone 
It's quick and easy to order by phone. Simply call us on +86-0523-87415999,18952672716/ first.
Order by Fax 
Send any order to this Fax Number: +86-0523-87423068

F:How to pay?
Q:International / China Credit Cards are welcomed as the simplest method of payment. 

F:Shipping & Ordering
Q:International Orders:IMPORTANT: International shipments are subject to Duties, Taxes, Broker Fees, and Customs Fees in your country. These EXTRA fees are YOUR responsibility and must be paid upon receipt of the shipment. The rules for these fees vary by country, and your local government determines the duty and customs charges. Custom procedures may delay shipments

F:Damaged Shipments
Q:If you receive a product that was damaged in shipping, please email us at Please include your invoice number (found on packing slip) and the name of the carrier that delivered the package.

F:Guarantees & Security
Q:Your Privacy:We will never sell, lease, rent or give your e-mail address or other information to anyone else without your permission. Period. Since's distribution model requires some manufacturers to ship products to customers, it is necessary to provide shipping information for that purpose. We created this policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy.
If you would like more information please see our Privacy Policy Detail page.
Your Security: Shopping at our site is safe, and we guarantee it. All orders on our site are processed on our secure server. All credit card information is encrypted and protected. If you would prefer not to place your order on-line, please call our Customer Service. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. See also our Online Security Guarantee

F:On-line service
Q:If you also have the question, may select to carry on the on-lineconsultation, we will be able to solve your question in a working day